[CR]Remembered..Peugeot UO-8 fork blades

From: OROBOYZ@aol.com
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:38:34 EDT
To: moos@penn.com, mlanphier@home.com
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Subject: [CR]Remembered..Peugeot UO-8 fork blades

I didn't jump into the conversation back when the "I hated my UO-8" thread started... but for the record, I sold and rode them back in the olde days and I thought they were, on average, much better than the other $125.00 bikes of their day. Almost identically equipped direct competitors, such as the Raleigh Grand Prix, Gitane Gran Sport, Jeunet, Mercier, etc., all suffered from worse paint, frequent frame misalignment, and other maladies. None came so nicely shrink wrapped in plastic. None were pro bikes by far but old Peugeot didn't do a hal bad job...

A funny thing that just popped out of my dusty memory banks is our discovery back then that these Peugeot bikes used seamed fork blades! Clearly discernible on many UO-8s (and other lower models I think) was a distinct seam running down the back of each fork blade. I do not recall being able to see that on any other "lightweights." Still seemed (no pun intended) to work OK!

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina