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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 11:09:07 -0700

Yes, that would have been the famous "Irongrip" John Chapman, former NYPD and owner of the Ouartermoon bar in NYC. He also makes camera motorbikes to use in filming bike races, or did the last time I talked to him. Irongrip was in charge of the start area for the Coors Classic and Tour DuPont and had a phenomenal ability to take charge and make those events start right on time.

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Subject: [CR]Gearing down and American Flyers

> And speaking of gearing down, thanks again to the list members who suggested
> various cycling movies I have started my collection.
> Last night my wife and I watched American Flyer. A few things that I noticed
> in the movie: the Russian, during the last stage, was climbing in his big
> ring, Rae Dawn Chong is not only beautiful and has Tommy Chong for a father,
> but she can do an very fast wheel change..Holy Smokes! The 7-11 Team had
> Murray's with Kevin and his brother on steel lugged Specialized frames.
> Kevin and his brother looked as though they had spent a good bit of time in
> the saddle riding in preparation for the movie as well as shaving their
> legs.
> I do have one question that I hope someone on the list might be able to
> answer. In the list of credits it has John Chapman listed as a cycling
> coordinator. In 1965 I bought a Paramount track bike from a John Chapman
> that was a track racer and lived in Queens, NY. Would this be the one and
> the same JC?
> Mark, 74 and overcast, Poore