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I own a totally original (yes, even tires and handlebar tape) 1974 Motobecane Grand Record with very well preserved Reynolds decals. They are the French version of 3 tubes double butted along with the triangular fork decals. The main frame tubing decal is the one with "531" horizontal versus on a diagonal.

So, who made the seat and chainstays?

Eric "still more French then English or Italian bikes" Elman

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> Jerry & Listmembers,
> More interesting "Frenchness" with Motobecane and the Grand Record in
> particular: Until 1976, Motobecane stated the Grand Record was: "REYNOLDS
> 531 double tubing with Campagnolo Tips" - during this same time they listed
> both the Le Champion and Team Champion as follows: "REYNOLDS 531 double
> butted tubing throughout with Campagnolo Tips".
> It would seem, as Jerry states, the Grand Record was NOT 531 throughout.
> However, in 1976, the Grand Record was now listed as "REYNOLDS 531 double
> butted tubing throughout with Campagnolo Tips" - Did they really change in
> 1976, or just leave off the "throughout" in prior years?
> Any folks out there with '72-'77 Grand Records with decals intact?
> Cheers,
> Chuck Brooks
> Malta (Catz & Dawgs) NY