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Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 00:20:23 EDT
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<< nishiki was a concocted brand name of Western States Imports. there was no 'nishiki' factory... similar to takara, shogun, maruishi (i think), centurion, and currently torelli, quatro assi, specialized, etc. that is: these are brands made up by importers, marketers, and the like. e-RICHIE >> Almost, Rich, but you are forgiven, as it;s late here in the East.

Nishiki was one of 4 brands marketed by West Coast Cycle (later Derby/Darby and before that BPDI - Bicycle Products Development Inc) The other brands were windsor (mexico), Azuki, and Cycle Pro (parts)

Jim Hansing was a principle (brother to Bob of euro Asia)

Leo and Howie Cohen were a part, Howie later to go to Kuwahara (ET movies fame) not to bve confused with Kawamura, the rather exclusive builder of Nishiki/Azuki. Later models were sourced by Merida, of Taiwan. Not much comparison, the Japanese bikes were better.

Larry Black