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Just marketing. The bikes were made by a factory called Kawamura in Japan, same place that turned out the Azuki bikes. Azuki was a second WCCS brand that only existed so that the distributor could cram their dealers closer together in Southern California. One memorable item on a couple of Nishiki models would come under the heading of "bike boom super-oddities." When CPSC reflector regulations started, two or three Nishiki models had a heavy stamped reflector mount BRAZED to one seatstay. You could easily make dropouts out of the stock they used for this, an amazing little bit of
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> << And why, BTW, is there no Nishiki page at the CR site? >>
> Geez... I am put on the spot here.. Frankly, just as with Trek, those bikes
> barely make my pulse rise. Just my warped perspective I guess! I know others
> like them so I guess I will have to do something.. Send me pictures!
> BTW I wonder if Nishiki ever existed as such in Japan? Or was it like Takara
> and just a fig newton of some marketer's imagination?
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