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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 14:15:56 -0400

Hi all -- Sheldon Brown's site lists Azuki as the house brand of Louisville Cycle & Hobby. Certainly I've seen tons of Azukis throughout the years here in Louisville -- my Dad owned one with the largest rear cog I've ever seen. It only had one tooth for every three or four space. I remember hearing years ago that Azuki and Nishiki were the same but for the label, and Azuki was for shops in towns where another shop already carried Nishiki. I recall some nice examples, but most were of the quality that formed Dale's opinion of the marques. Dennis Ryan

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Subject: Re: [CR]Nishiki

Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 00:20:23 EDT

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nishiki was a concocted brand name of

Western States Imports.

there was no 'nishiki' factory...

similar to takara, shogun, maruishi (i think), centurion,

and currently torelli, quatro assi, specialized, etc.

that is: these are brands made up by importers,

marketers, and the like.



Almost, Rich, but you are forgiven, as it;s late here in the East.

Nishiki was one of 4 brands marketed by West Coast Cycle (later Derby/Darby

and before that BPDI - Bicycle Products Development Inc)

The other brands were windsor (mexico), Azuki, and Cycle Pro (parts)

Jim Hansing was a principle (brother to Bob of euro Asia)

Leo and Howie Cohen were a part, Howie later to go to Kuwahara (ET movies

fame) not to bve confused with Kawamura, the rather exclusive builder of


Later models were sourced by Merida, of Taiwan.

Not much comparison, the Japanese bikes were better.

Larry Black