Re: [CR]Resolved! HA! CR Classifieds possible Fraud?

Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 14:29:45 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Resolved! HA! CR Classifieds possible Fraud?
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How can this issue be declared resolved when the purchaser still has complaints against the seller for misrepresenting the bicycle condition, shipping terms, and over billing for unpurchased insurance?

THE SELLER NEEDS TO DOCUMENT ITEM AND SHIPMENT TERMS BETTER IN THE FUTURE ! If the buyer acted in good faith, so should the seller - it appears that the seller did not...

I side with the buyer, based on the info presented, on an issue that should not be considered "resolved" when it is clearly not.

Signed, Steve Neago aka Questor

"The road less traveled is far more interesting ! " wrote:
> See the final resolution (almost) copied below.. "Let That Be A Lesson To Us
> All!"
> In a message dated 7/5/2001 1:26:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, (the buyer)
> writes:
> << mark---
> i did pick up the bike this morning from the post office. it had
> just arrived. i took it to mikes bike shop in palatine, illinois
> for assembly. an employee named wayne showed me that the tires
> are rotted and the front derailler is cracked. he will replace
> those parts for $50 including labor. he said he will call me
> tomorrow and let me know if anything else is amiss.
> if you wish to confirm this you can call wayne at 847-358-0948.
> while i am relieved that the bike did arrive, i am still
> concerned that you did not send it via fed ex (my brother in law
> works for them and says he sees bikes going out frequently), it
> was sent uninsured yet you charged me for insurance, is not in
> 'superb' condition, and that you deposited my check before the
> date written on it. maybe the post office broke the derailler
> but now we have no recourse.
> i did stop payment on my check when i did not get the bike or a
> tracking number. your explanations just did not jive with what
> my brother in law said, and with the post office saying it
> should have taken 5-7 business days to reach me. rest assured
> that i will pay you, i am not a cheat, and i cannot endure owing
> anyone anything.
> i have updated dale on everything i told you, and hope to
> resolve this matter by tomorrow. >>
> Dale Brown
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