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From: "Shindelar, Dan" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]re: CR resolved?
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 15:45:36 -0500

It is hard to tell from the information we have here, who has been harmed. if anyone.

I need to say that I purchased a bike from this seller, a 1971 Raleigh International, about 6 months ago. I am pleased with the bike and how it was described. I was happy with the packaging, timely shipping, and courteous treatment I received. I had a very positive transaction.

Too many disputes occur when someone jumps to a conclusion. I'm lucky enough to be in this for the fun. Not too make my living. I do buy and sell a lot and am willing to cut others some slack and appreciate it greatly when they understand why I was a little slow shipping. I have had well over 200 transactions off this list and ebay and they, every single one, have been positive. I often ship before receiving payment and have had many on this list ship to me before they got my check. Personally - ebay and the sellers on this list have greatly improved my impression of the human race. More often than not, I'd start thinking I was getting stiffed and then the mail would come.

Have a great day and Thanks for letting me yap. Dan Shindelar in MN
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> I believe "questor" is correct, this matter is
> only "resolved" because the buyer probably has no
> other reasonable course of action, except to not
> to pay the SCHMUCK, which she has chosen not to
> do.
> Dave(nice guys finish last)Van Hook
> Hershey, PA<
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> I have to disagree with this. From my reading of the
> situation, the buyer is one of those people all sellers
> dread: the one who is never happy, and who totally freaks
> out the moment one e-mail is not answered or the bike is a
> day or two late.
> There's no way *any* of us can know, from the evidence,
> whether the seller was in any way culpable here. For all we
> know the bike is more-or-less as described. The problems
> the buyer mentions are minor, imho, if the bike is something
> she really wanted. The bike was shipped, and arrived
> more-or-less on schedule. Before inditing the seller, one
> should know a little more about the situation.
> I should also ask, humbly, how much did the buyer pay for
> this bike? A Mercier? Probably not much, unless it was the
> Professional model. Point being, I've noticed an inverse
> effect here: the cheaper the item, the more impossible a
> buyer can be, all other things being equal. I've never
> understood this, but it does seem to be the case. Not all
> the time, but too often.
> I find it slightly amazing that the poor seller is being
> smeared all over this list, when, from the evidence, he
> behaved in good faith.
> Charles "patience and tolerance are definite virtues when
> buying used bicycles of any kind---of course, when that $1K
> Colnago arrives with a pretzeled fork, then it's time to get
> annoyed" Andrews