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Subject: Re: [CR]Suggestion; was Hello/Goodbye
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 08:33:02 -0700

I like Eric's "documentary" idea, and volunteer as a collator/editor. David Feldman

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From: Eric Elman
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Subject: [CR]Suggestion; was Hello/Goodbye

> My observations and SUGGESTION for whatever you deem them to be worth:
> Summary: Dale is quite free with us in our difference of opinions when
> stated civily; the Confente thread is exceptional and should be handle
> accordingly....
> The CR list, Dales forum, is usually very civil in tone & demeanor of those
> who contribute to the list.
> Dale has, in my observations, typically allowed individuals to state,
> discuss, explain and try to justify their opinions without censurship or
> threat of being unsubscribed. When an individual has stated an opinion as
> fact, Dale has also permitted plenty of open discussion by those who
> disagreed with said "fact" - only when the tone becomes uncivil have I
> noticed any implication of censurship or request by Dale to tone it down or
> risk being expelled.
> The Confente topic was a gross exception to the normal CR content in that it
> was, comparatively speaking, without end along with an obvious tone that was
> beyond simple and civil defference of opinion. My observation was that that
> emotion was getting the better of some contributors which was seriously
> detracting from the credibility of what was being presented. Once the
> percieved credibility of the contributions began to deteriorate, the thread
> unwound.
> So how do we move on from here? Dale is apparently listening to all we have
> to say and I hope/expect will give serious thoughts to our comments and then
> provide direction to the list. It will eventually require his input if the
> list is to move in a direction that he wants - it is his list, we are in his
> family room.
> Many agree that the Confente story is historically important. History is
> filled with all sorts of differing opinions and recollections of what had in
> fact happened. Why not think of this as a documentary with the "history of
> Mario Confente" being the quest. Why not handle this extraordinary thread
> by asking Jim, Brian, and anyone else with firsthand knowledge to submit
> (offline to someone like Dale?) their most detailed account of the full
> history, from beginning to end. Then have someone (Dale?) pull these
> accounts together, not picking and choosing what to include, but simply
> placing all submissions in chronological order of events, by paragraph, with
> the author identified at the end of said paragraph. This could then be
> submitted back to the contributors for further clarification and response,
> all of which could be added into the document to help make it flow better
> and to jog memories of accounts missed in their earlier contributions.
> It seemed clear to me from the previous Confente posts that there will never
> be a concensus on all aspects of events. That's ok isn't it? Let's get the
> story down on paper - agreements & disagreements both. Mario and those of
> us interested in his life will get the benefit of those who were around him,
> we'll get to hear first hand where there is a difference of opinion and we
> can choose to judge or simply accept the differences.
> Sure, this would be a large undertaking.
> This is not your typical CR list question about what size sproket a Campy NR
> rear will handle and I respectfully suggest that it requires a different
> method of contributing and documenting than a list such as ours can
> accomodate.
> Eric "I care" Elman