Re: [CR]This list is ELITIST!

From: "Meyer Lenore" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]This list is ELITIST!
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 14:21:58 -0700

I know I won't post because of your ascerbic comments.

Any others???

Meyer "known only to Chuck Schmidt as Kenny Denny"

>From: Chuck Schmidt <>
>To: Classic List <>
>Subject: [CR]This list is ELITIST!
>Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 13:08:00 -0700
>The criticism in this last week's postings: the Classic Rendezvous list
>is too elitist with regards to attitude and subject matter!
>Let's do the math together:
>Total list membership = 450 people
>Lurkers that don't contribute to list = 425 people
>Members that do contribute to list (brave or foolhardy?) = 25 people
>Conclusion: the Classic Rendezvous list is elitist
>Logical Conclusion: either contribute to the list or don't complain
>about the attitude and subject matter.
>Chuck "not afraid to take a pull in the paceline" Schmidt
>South Pasadena, Southern California
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