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Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 20:33:13 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]This list is ELITIST!

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<< but I'm still surprised that someone would hesitate to post fearing an 'acerbic reply' from Chuck. Ironic, maybe sardonic or even sarcastic, >>

Dear list

As an infrequent poster ( I guess that would make me a lurker?), a frequent buyer/seller on this list, I don't find Chuck caustic at all. That would be reserved for Jobst Brandt, for those of you who surf on Rec Bikes Tech, or whatever its called. And I respect the heck out of Jobst, for his knowledge, riding, intellect, etc, however, he is the master of the sharp tongue. I welcome the bantering back and forth on the issues here, how else is one to get to the bottom of anything? A friend of mine who had a pro shop, and I would go in every now and then and build up a Pinarello or two. Facing, chasing, everything short of wheelbuilding. I used to clamp the frames by the seatpost in the Park stand. One day, I was working on MY Vitus, and I clamped the frame instead of the seatpost. Boy, did he ream me. We argued back and forth, I said I hadn't hurt anything on the seat tube, and it was my bike. Then he yelled, "Hey, listen to me, I have ruined MORE frames than you." Point to Bob, he won, he was right. So if that goes on here, that's cool by me as long as folks don't take it personally, and give and take a little.

Mark Rosenberg in San Diego, CA, where I wore a long sleeve jersey for my early morning ride and got lots of strange looks from other riders