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Subject: Re: [CR]Hellenic stays
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 19:11:15 -0700

Brian's bikes and Hetchins' are obviously in a different world, but I associate hellenic seatstays with the jackhammer-like aluminum GT's that I've ridden. They seem to be a degree harsher than similar bikes of the same material from other builders--the hellenic stays can't be making 'em ride more softly! A local team got a screaming bargain deal on GT track bikes. They're drilled for brakes and some riders will have a nasty surprise waiting if they ever use them for road fixed miles! David Feldman

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> Hi gang,
> I agree with Mr. Baylis, except I might phrase it
> "Pure marketing". To me, this raises the basic
> question: Do we fall in love with a bike because of
> fine engineering, or because of those aspects that are
> purely ornamental? Given a choice between two
> frames/bikes with nominally equivalent rides, would you
> cherish the bike with clean construction but no
> flourishes, or with the bike with clean construction
> and non-functional flourishes (hellenic stays,
> outrageous lugs, etc)?
> Just wondering.... Personally, I'm a bit fond of
> those features that demonstrate the extra care taken by
> the builder, but would pass on those items that are
> clearly non-functional. However, I am still amazed and
> intrigued by Brian's latest work! It's obvious that a
> lot of skill is involved, regardless of one's opinion
> of the aesthetic value.
> Steve Kurt, part-time lurker, and owner of an
> International clearcoated by Brian.
> Peoria, IL
> From: Brian Baylis <>
> David,
> Pure Foo Foo.
> Brian Baylis
> >
> > After looking at Brian's latest frame, I wanted to ask about hellenic stays.
> > Is there a structural reason for stays like this, or is it purely for looks?
> >
> > David Goerndt