Re: [CR]Mavic Rim question?

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Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 11:17:46 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR]Mavic Rim question?
From: "Donald A Walter" <>

My GP-4's (new in '82) also display the same wear pattern. They have been pounded on all manner of pavement, railroad crossings, and even a few off road excursions. I had retired them for years but in a recent fit of nostalgia, had them relaced and am enjoying them again. They are round and true and tough. (36h). Don W. Tucson, AZ On Mon, 09 Jul 2001 11:01:42 -0400 Steve Freides <> writes:
> I have seen similar wear patterns on many of my older Mavic sewup
> rims,
> all GEL280's and GL330's, but have never had one fail. (Well, there
> was
> one time, but I was foolish enough to be carting around heavy loads,
> pulling trailers, and the like, all on a 28-hole GEL280, so that one
> was
> my fault. All the rest of them I've used, in 28, 32, and 36 holes
> have
> held up very well.)
> I believe the GEL280 predates the GL330 but that's just a guess on
> my
> part. The former is lighter than the latter and, in both its older,
> non-anodized version as well as the later one, my rim of choice for
> all
> my bicycles, new and old. I've seen both these rims in newer and
> older
> versions so perhaps they existed alongside each other.
> -S-
> Mark Poore wrote:
> >
> > Many of us have preferences when it comes to equipment or frames.
> Those
> > preferences are based on personal experiences, likes or dislikes
> and/or from
> > highly respected sources. For me, my experiences with Campagnolo
> rims and DT
> > spokes have left me with the opinion that there are none better or
> more
> > reliable. That is not to say they don’t have equals. On my Mercian
> I have
> > Mavic Open Pro, I know they are not vintage, clincher rims, which
> I have
> > come to trust and believe they, are about as good as they get. In
> the past
> > few weeks I have had some failures with some of my road wheels.
> The first
> > time I ever have broken a spoke on a road wheel was a few weeks
> ago and it
> > wasn’t a DT, but another big name spoke which led me to question
> these
> > spokes and rebuild the wheel with my trusty DT’s. Now for the
> question
> > regarding rims; for the first time I have some wheel sets with
> Mavic tubular
> > rims, specifically the GL 330, should qualify as vintage, and the
> GEL 280,
> > and not sure if they are vintage or not. The problem I am seeing
> with these
> > rims is that on the braking surface where the spoke and eyelet is
> there wear
> > is down to the aluminum and the anodizing is still there between
> the spokes.
> > I have seen this on other Mavic rims as well. When braking, I know
> to brake
> > is to admit defeat, I can feel these wide spots. Is this just the
> way these
> > rims are and do they need more wear to be completely broken in?
> >
> > Mark, thanks in advance, Poore