Re: [CR]OFF TOPIC: tinkling sound repair problem: PLEASE HELP

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:43:21 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]OFF TOPIC: tinkling sound repair problem: PLEASE HELP

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If you friend is trully just that he/she would..........oops sorry wrong list.


Is this just not simply the magic chain deflection / way too many gears on the back problem made popular by big S and only slightly less of a problem by "shadow-of-it's-former-self" small open-C ? I've found this chain rub appears worse on "new" 105 and less on Ultegra (Classic content is the groupset formerly known as 600) and almost non-existent on D*r! A@e. when running small front / second small rear. I (guess) it's got a lot to do with them designing the whole drivetrain for a specific length (no less than 405 mm) from the BB c.l. to rear axle c.l. and reducing the spacing between the chainrings to acomodate the 9 narrow and 10 ridiculous chains - but then again what do I know.

Classic Content (honest Dale - yes I should know better, Chuck)

Am I the only one that get's SRAM/Sachs "modern" chains to skip over the top of the rear sprockets of classic freewheels (America by Regina) and ride along the tops without actually engaging the teeth in chain ?

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interesting, and I thought that may be the case, but I think that is another problem!

my son commented on how beautifully my 6 speed nuovo record colnago shifted--I explained to him, that's because it was built in the day when a shift was a shift

damn it