[CR]French bike info urgently sought

Date: 11 Jul 2001 05:08:01 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: brucerobbins@worldmailer.com
Subject: [CR]French bike info urgently sought

Attention all Francophiles,

A pal of mine has just picked up a French Mecacycle (?) bike from the 70s or 80s and is in need of any information about it and, in particular, a source of transfers.

This bike has been repainted and has Rossin decals on it but my friend is convinced it's a Mecacyle.

It has a really short wheelbase-36.5 inches!-and has a twin seat tube affair like the old Saxon. The strange thing is that the twin tubes are thicker at the top and taper away towards the bottom bracket.

The frame's other oddity is an expandeer bolt-style seatpost. The only problem is the bolt was missing. My pal decided to braze on a seat post clamp because he had given up all hope of finding a bolt to fit the original post. If anyone has one, it should be possible to remove the clamp. The size is 26.8.

The bike has French threads and the hope is that it can be restored to its original spec if decals can be found.

Any info would be much appreciated.


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