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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 13:55:41 EDT
Subject: Changing the subject line (was:Re: [CR]Vintage Classic Tourer on Ebay

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> I take it OTB didn't mostly mean "Off The Back" back then? Or maybe that's
> a good thing, for tourists?
> Mark "Off The Side" Bulgier
> Seattle, Wa USA

not to be a pest, but how about changing the subject line and keeping it current many of us are working for ourselves, not on somebody else's computer, time. fone line, and in my case really working my seat off to keep the sport alive and well by getting more people on bicycles. I just have the time to read everything, or it would cost me lotsa bucks, and maybe mean not serving bikedom as much

Thanks, now y'all get back to work and stop fooling around :-)

Larry Black