Re: [CR]World Voyageur questions

Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 09:12:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: Bob Hufford <>
Subject: Re: [CR]World Voyageur questions
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On Sun, 15 Jul 2001 wrote:
> Special thanks to Bob for building a neat resource for Schwinns at:

"Building" is the key word here as the site is really not ready for release. Maybe if I spent less time with the BOBishBikesForSale list ... nah, gotta do what's fun for the moment and switch to something else.

Actually as the index pages just get the plea for information and don't go into the site itself. BTW, I've burned over 20 GeoCities sites so far, so if someone has a server with lots of (free) space they want to offer up, I can get rid of those darn GeoCities Javascript errors.
> I was a little frustrated to click back into many pages that are not built
> yet (Maybe remove links until pages filled?) but there obviously will be a
> lot of neat info there when completed!

I was hoping to fill these faster than I have. Sorry for the frustration.
> The components on these bikes were 100% Japanese so OE was never Unicanitor
> nor Brooks, at least not in the unopened box. Dealers may have fiddled with
> them after the fact. The saddles were Japanese copies of the Unicanitor.
> (YFC? or similar?) The bars again were nice versions of Randonneurs but
> Japanese sourced.

The spec sheet shows the saddle as Unica-Nitor (is this the name of the Japanese clone of Unicanitor (sp?) ?) Of the handful I've seen, most were shod with Brooks (at the dealer I suppose).

If someone takes the tape off the bars of their Voyageur and can report back on any branding, let me know.

Thanks Dale for the feedback!

I know very little of the Schwinns of this era and did the site in order to learn. Any errors, omissions (and/or frustrations) that you'd like to report, please do.

If I can discipline myself to do 5 or 10 page scans and *then* the BOBish list, then maybe this will eventually get done.


Bob Hufford
Springfield, MO