Re: [CR]Wheel questions?

Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 23:54:46 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Wheel questions?

Hi, C-R friends,

I need help and advise/comments for relatiohship on hub, spokes, and rims.

As far as the large(high) vs. small(low) flange hubs, and 3X vs 4X constructions, we had extended discussion before, and I have enough info at this moment.

What I would like to ask this time is; rims and spoke gauges. I have purchsed several used wheel sets in ebay to build up "BICYCLE", the frame/fork and a set of wheels make up over 50% of a complete bike. Therefore; to me, wheels are just as important as frame set.

Most of them are Record large flange hub with tubuler rims, came as 3X build up.

What bothers me are; make ups of different spoke gauges and nipples. Narrow soft (of course light weight) Fiamme yellow label with straight #14 spokes, so tight or too tight, so eyelet rivetts are comming up. Whoever built up this wheel set seemed overkilled strength of rims for ideal balance between weight & strength of wheels.

Some came with 14-15 butted spoke, which is strong but also came with a long heavy nipples although the spokes are longer (by 2mm or so) in the holes of rim. When you consider 72 times of those big long niples and "too" long spokes, you are really gainning unecessary weight!

So, what are ideal combination of rims and spoke gauge? I made up Stella 15-16 spokes (4X) with Marvic Champ, Dumond. If I were a rider over 200 lb, I might use straight 15 gauge. Or if you are much heavier rider, use 14 at rear wheel but you can get by 15 at front, ??

I remember holding "alloy" (aluminum) nipples (72 pcs), it was so light aganist conventional "brass" ones. But they said, they were too weak to keep using after 2-3 race runs. Was I dreaming of there is such a thing as super light nipples?

As far as light and strong rim concerned, there were "Wood filled" or foam filled rims were available in 60's. What are names of such rims? And still available today?

Many thanks in advance for those answers,

KEN TODA, over the hill rider, need a super light wheels to climb up hills!