Re: [CR]Place of Super Course in Raleigh Heirarchy

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:33:18 -0400
From: Steve Freides <>
Organization: Friday's
To: Classic Lightweights <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Place of Super Course in Raleigh Heirarchy
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Pete Geurds wrote:
> Try this page of Retro Raleighs:
> I have a '77 SuperCourse, as far as I know that was the beginning of the 531
> tubed models in the lineup. The three main tubes are 531. Models above were
> all 531.

I looked at that page but still wasn't completely clear. For one, the 1971 model quotes the decal but leaves the impression that the entire bike, not just the main tubes, might be 531, at least for that year.

Warren Tang wrote:
> I once owned a 1974 SuperCourse, purchased new in 1974. I believe the
> SuperCourse was in the lower-middle end of the product range. Yes, it was
> the first model in the range to be built with Reynolds 531, but only the 3
> main tubes, using straight gauge tubing.

Would it be fair to characterize this model as "sport-touring", meaning for the person who probably owns only one bike and would take it on casual outings and perhaps a short day trip but nothing faster or longer than that? If I purchase one of these in my size, it sounds like it would make a better rain bike than something to be restored for its vintage value - true, in anyone's opinion?

Thanks to the collective wisdom for the enlightenment!