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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 20:11:15 -0700

For some reason the Fuji's always looked to me a cut above the other Japanese bikes. So how do they ride, adn does anyone know anything about their designs, the company, and if they were independent or fit with the many other makers in Japan?


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Subject: [CR]Fuji Much Bike

Responding to Garth Libre's following comments on Fuji:

" I couldn't afford anything Italian, so I bought a brand new Team Fuji, which really did look just as hip and to tell the truth was one hell of a cheap version of a high end bike. $500.00 bucks with a Suntour Superbe upgraded brakeset, and the rest was Sugino, Sanshin, Sunshine and Perfect, and Fuji's DB CMolly tubing, bought you a real roadbike ready for any impromptu race or a heated session at anyone of 1,000 local coffee hangouts..."

I'm also enamoured with Fuji's; I've an old Fuji Club that is pretty stiff & handles very well. The VaLite Quad-Butted tubing, (which I understand qualifies as 'Quad Butted' due to a thickened section at the mid-point of the top tube), seems to really work. I've stripped off the junky components & am building it back up with old Dura Ace/Shimano 600. I'll definitely look at any old Fuji that appears on my horizon...I think they'll attain some status one day.

Jim(but I'm not holding my breath) Hultman