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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:21:27 -0500
Subject: [CR]vintage sightings



Hello all.

I'm taking my two week Uncle Sam sponsored vacation with the Army Reserve, and I'm slowly exploring the sights of Dublin CA (10-20 miles inland from Oakland). In Dublin Cyclery, I spotted a rare 50/50: A Schwinn Paramount 50th anniversary bike built up with a Campy 50th group. The combo looked to be totally unused. The only wear I saw was the ubiquitous cracks and oxidation on the brake hoods. Price: a cool $20,000 dollars. They also had a bare never built 52cm 50th frame for $3,000. I could read the Shimano on the drop outs. The clerk claimed the store had three more frames at the owner's home. Perhaps these prices are negotiable

Also seen: A used silver Gios Torino with sloping, no-medallion crown built with Shimano 600 for $450 from about 1985 or so, and a Scapin of more recent vintage. Both were about 54cm. The clerk said they had just moved the shop, and the owner has several boxes of old parts in his basement that they hope to unpack in the next month or so. I left him with my email and a wish list of Gipiemme and Campy parts I'm seeking.

Anyone with suggestions for Bay Area bike shops with high vintage content that I can visit if I get some time off this weekend? They must be convenient to a BART station, as I doubt my commander will lend me a HUMMVEE for a bike scrounging trip. Too bad I couldn't bring the International with me, it looks like great riding country.

Tom Adams, usually in Kansas City but temporarily in Dublin CA