Re: [CR]freewheels and invisable upgrading

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 20:11:07 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]freewheels and invisable upgrading

The best freewheel/chain combination I've used is a Sachs-Maillard Aris(as currently in the process of discontinuation by evil SRAM) with a low to mid range Sachs chain, say, retailing for about $15 at the LBS. This combo (in 7 speed form), with a modern Campagnolo Athena/Chorus/Record rear changer and mid 80's Campy retrofriction levers, is an absolute dream to use; makes me wonder why I should bother with indexing. Speaking of which, I have two cycles with index downtube levers, both being used with the same freewheel/chain/rear changer setup. One has what I think are called Synchro 2 levers (flat lever, big knurled knob for friction option, 8 detents) and the other has the version just after (curved lever, no friction option, little cable adjuster on RH lever). The later one works just about as well as I could ask for, and the Synchro 2 about 90% as well-a little heavier feel, a bit cruder. Ive used both for about 10 years without incident, and for more than occasional use (Synchro 2 is on a commuting bike). Sachs freewheels seem to be getting less available, and I dont think I've ever seen a 14-anything listed. To make better use of a 12-13-15-17-19-21-24, I fitted my Carradice-laden commuter with 39-49 rings.

Wes Gadd