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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 19:08:45 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]was Another Wheelbuilding Question now : silly tangent

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> No matter how durable/interchangable/rebuildable/universally
> compatible the old and conservative stuff is, you won't find a
> old at the LBS.

Given that this is rapidly becoming more and more close to the literal truth, what do you suggest one tour on ? Must everyone buy a new bike or at least new component group every five years or so in order to be able to maintain a functional ride ?

It is a shame that I enjoy so much riding my older (1970's) bikes, since soon I will have worn out everything I can easily obtain to maintain them as riders. Guess I should really just hang them as art objects ? Then I could spend my riding time on my 1998 P-shop Ti-Mobile, with 8-speed Shimano STI. Umm, 1998 + 5 = 2003, and then I'll need a NEW ti-mobile with a 1 1/8" threadless headset and head tube, and maybe new rear drop-out spacing to handle Shimano 14 speed clusters which will be the only ones still just goes on and on. What if they change the pitch of chains to something narrower than 1" so they can get more gearing variations ? What if spoked wheels become "no longer supported" and separate hubs and rims are no longer produced new ? What if the bike companies decide to put hydrolic disc brakes on all new road bikes so they eliminate the braking surfaces on the sides (and undersides for you British Roadster fans) of all new rims ?

Progress. I'm getting out of most of that stuff. I think its marketing-driven. Its called "churning" in other venues, isn't it ?

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC