Re: [CR] Ergopower lever (waWill Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?

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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:10:35 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Ergopower lever (waWill Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?

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<< my Wizard with 9 speed Chorus Ergopower has developed a shifting problem in the lever requirign that you tap the "button" ever so slightly after each shift to a larger cog in order to re-center the rear mech over the cog. The lever internals (ratcheted drum) will not return to the detent otherwise. I suspect this is inadequate spring tension. The bike is less than a year old and has probably 600 miles on it. >>

My Ergopower levers developed the same symptoms. Campy had bad batch of Ergopower levers in early 99 where the anchor post on the spring ring gets bent. Campy repaired mine mine under warranty. They put in a spring ring with a stronger anchor post. Had 'em back 3 days after I Express mailed them out. Great courteous, efficient service. Shimano levers would have had to been tossed. For reference, the Campy part number is EC-RE111. This part is in the right lever only. This is a bit off "classic" topic, but the thread started in relation to classics. Just trying to help out if anyone else runs into the same problem. Of course, classic friction levers would have had no such problem like this.

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