Re: [CR]Will Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Will Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:25:01 -0400

I don't know.., my first generation Campagnolo 9-speed groupo is now on its third bike in 4 years (2 owners), and somewhere between 8 - 10 thousand miles. Original cogs, springs etc... No problems whatsoever. A couple of chains, replaced before any problems developed. Thats it! Oh yeah, never missed a shift either. Seems every bit as good as my SR stuff, and I definitely am not worried about crank failure on the new Record. Pretty good quality in my book. Richard (won't go back), Rose Toledo, Ohio

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Subject: RE: [CR]Will Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?

> Hah, on the topic of component durability, my Wizard with 9 speed Chorus
> Ergopower has developed a shifting problem in the lever requirign that you
> tap the "button" ever so slightly after each shift to a larger cog in order
> to re-center the rear mech over the cog. The lever internals (ratcheted
> drum) will not return to the detent otherwise. I suspect this is inadequate
> spring tension. The bike is less than a year old and has probably 600 miles
> on it.
> Quality ain't what it used to be. My vintage bikes are shifting away just
> fine.
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