Re: [CR]Will Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Will Aluminum bikes ever really be future classics?
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:34:08 -0400

One of my Saturday morning riding buddies goes through bikes like, well, fast! Has been showing up lately on a Seven TI rig. Had to get rid of his aluminum Principia with carbon fork because it just "beat me up too bad". This last week he showed up on his late '70's - early '80's FUSO steel bike - very nice! He was commenting that the ride of the FUSO was at least as nice as the 7! Go figure. Please note however that all 3 bikes were Campa 9 or 10 speed, the FUSO updated, of course. Moral of the story? Steel still rules but the new components are pretty nice. Richard Rose

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> Lou.
> I couldn't disagree more. My SR900was my first real bike and I just loved
> it in the early 80's, having had nothing to compare with it. Years later
> when I started riding older "vintage" steel bikes, I sold the thing on
> Ebay as fast as I could. My bones and teeth just rattled away on it. I did
> the Lighthouse Century ride on it and the bike was so stiff and so
> uncomfortable, I never rode it again.
> cheers
> scott "SR 900, only a classic to my orthodontist" goldstein
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> > writes:
> > > Sure, as unlikely as that seems, a high quality modern Aluminum bike
> > will be
> > > a future classic. The question is can you ride them for 15 or 20 or 25
> > > years, and reasonably expect that they will have functional frames for a
> > > future investor?
> > >
> > > I suspect the 70s boron stiffened Klein frames will always command good
> > > prices. I've got the first year Cannondale SR-900 racing bike with
> > > Campagnolo Super Record/Nuovo Record and over 30,000 miles on it. Still
> > > rides like it was new and I bought it in 1984. Not sure whether they are
> > > classics in the sense of lugged frames, but certainly they hold a spot in
> > > cycling history for breaking the mold. And, despite all the claims for
> > > beating you to death because of super stiffness made against the
> > > Cannondales, mine had as nice a ride as most of my steel frames and it was
> > > stiffer and lighter for climbing as well. Lou Deeter, "the SR-900 may be
> > > out to pasture, but....."