Re: [CR] Re: Will Aluminum bikes ever be future classics?

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Subject: Re: [CR] Re: Will Aluminum bikes ever be future classics?
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 20:01:14 -0700

I'll nominate another: Kleins made in California before Gary moved up here to rain country. Also, Chehalis Kleins of the custom road models, Stage and Team Super. A few of these had painted to order components and were pretty spectacular, plus that Klein really kicked the whole aluminum bike thing into action. Klein also should be held up as an example of a company that understands the difference between genuine, evolutionary improvements done for specific reasons versus change for illegitimate/marketing reasons. No, I don't own any aluminum bikes, or want one.

David Feldman, 75 miles south of Chehalis

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Subject: [CR] Re: Will Aluminum bikes ever be future classics?

> Of course they will be! Just not every current example as
> collectibility is inversely proportional to the number built. For
> example, one of my bikes is an oversized tube model, it is from long
> before my period-correct Vitus 979, it has bulge-formed lugs with
> something like Christmas card glitter slathered all over them, its
> pedigree was used an an example in the Klein-Cannondale lawsuit. I
> happen to have serial #6 and it is a Hi-E Cosmopolitan and it's a
> classic Aluminum bike right now!
> Ken, near St Louis