Re: [CR]Corso brand (chilled speech)

From: "Mark Poore" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Corso brand (chilled speech)
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 14:48:55 -0400

Do believe Christopher has a very valid point here. It reminds me of when Mike Hiltner first met us on the road and asked if he could ride with us. He was on an Schwinn Varsity, which is just a couple of step above a Huffy or Murray. He rode with us and figured out on his own that he needed another bike. We could have been very cool towards him and his ride, like many teenagers can and way too many adults, turned him off to the sport and this country would have lost a very accomplished cyclist. We could be elitist, as many golfers and tennis players and their clubs have become. Oh you can’t play here unless you have a shirt with a collar on it. Would we turn away someone that showed up for a vintage ride wearing a t-shirt? I hope not.

And on to other new stuff. I sold my Simoncini and 1984 Schwinn Super Sport last weekend to a couple of employees. What this means is that we/I now have a couple of riding buddies. Did 32 miles on Sunday with Robbie; the fellow that bought my Simoncini, and 40 miles with the fellow that bought my Schwinn along with another employee that has an older Cannondale on Tuesday. What fun to finally be riding with someone and sharing to task of putting a hole in the wind. At this time I am also eye balling a bike on ebay for the wife, as she would like to start riding with me and go to the Cirque in ’02. Wish me luck on that one.

Mark, in a steady rain, Poore