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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 23:28:50 EDT
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<< Dale,

I've no wish to be cast in the role of troublemaker but you once threatened to chuck me off the list for mentioning the foot and mouth crisis in the UK because it was off topic.

The list has recently been awash with discussion about aluminium-framed bikes which are also off topic.

Can you tell me how many people contributing to this debate have been threatened with expulsion? Is it as many as those who have told me they are fed up with this nonsense and are set to leave?

Let's keep the aluminium stuff for the BoB list where they appreciate the benefits of such frames, other than their low melting point... >> My turn to chime in, since it's now officially several doys into the thread. How does a material have anything to do with classicity?

In 34 years in the pulpit and trenches of the bike retail biz, and from the pelotons of my experience awheel, I am often approached for my take on 'materials'

Well, many of the universals, sterotypes, and subjectivity I see here mimic some of the stale thinking that comes through the doors of the emporium quite frequently. I wanna buy a steel bike, cuz.... Gimme something in CarbonFibre................... Hey, got Aluminum? "Looking for a oneohfivebike, whatcha got?"

Well, not much different than "watchout for that dog, Irish setters are really stupid" I'm ISO a redhead because I'm not a good cook and they are"

Where were we? Oh, yes, AlumiBikes

Even though my Monark from the 40's is not quite a lightweight, it's gleaming aluminum and there anrn't many visitors who would argue it's classicity.

I was fortunate to bring home from the milan show in '83 the Gold Medal bike of the '82 world CX championships purchased from Roland Libotan. It's an Alan and very classic. I left the Italian Mud on it for ambiance.

Hanging over me right here in frameland is the '78 Klein Team Super Boron Reinforced. Cobalt Blue, Yellow decals and coordinated cables, Full nuovo/Super gold ano. 27'4 campy black post. I'm not sure of the rules, but I've raced these and they are very comfortable, ahead of their time, and can perform as well as any of my ferrous machines, and I have nearly 1,100 of those. The tiny version of this, another Team Super non-boron, is from 1981 with all the tricks of the day;Medialle d-Or, Bullseve hubs, Clemant Seta Extras, topped off with SR ESL bar/stem with factory ti hardware and the alloy rail Avo 3. 15 and change for this and 20 years young.

how about the funkiest of them all/ Capp, not campy, here A bullseye aluminum road frame pre-dating Klein by many years. Made by Roger 'Bullseye' Durham many moons ago The tubing is wicked fat, like 2 point something inches the angles are close to Fonda's hog, and it's got a welded-in reducer in the 2" seat tube that resembles plumbing. But, the guy made it before Klein was even accepted to MIT. And, when Klein and C-Dale were sprinting it out deciding who should sue whom about the me-first oversize aluminum concept, it was Durham that stood back and grinned.

Larry Black