Re: [CR]American Masi = Fake Masi?

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From: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 20:28:59 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]American Masi = Fake Masi?

I can't agree that the California Masi's were considered "fake". Masi moved his production to the U.S. and just because they were made here instead of Italy, doesn't diminish the lineage. I would agree more that the Masi Nuovo Strada & Gran Corsa would carry a "fake Masi" label as they were in fact made by outsourcing, yet they were also made in Italy and they were presumably built to specification! Now, if you want to talk about a "fake" Masi, then talk about those 3V Barcelona & 60th Anniversary models that Torelli had Mondonico build. They weren't even built to Masi geometry, but to Mondonico geometry! I guess it is similar to Cinelli or Pogliaghi and others that kept the name decal even after the original builders sold their name to large conglomerates. That would mean that all Cinelli Super Corsas built after 78 or so were "fake". But, if the fake label will drop the price of 70s U.S. built Gran Criteriums, then even I will take up the chant as I write check after check after check........Lou Deeter, Orlando.