Re: [CR]American Masi = Fake Masi?

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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 00:02:11 -0400
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]American Masi = Fake Masi?
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I must confess, I was originally contemptuous of California Masis as "not the real thing" and remember thinking, when I first saw "Breaking Away" in its original release, that the hero should have owned a "real" Italian bike. It was only after I joined this list that I learned the amazing number of top American builders associated with California Masis. So while these may be "fake" Italian bikes, they are very genuine high quality American ones, and the best American builders are every bit as good as the Italians.


Jerry Moos wrote:
> ***Like Gareth, I too don't want to diss the master(s), who ever that may
> be. Yet regarding the volumes ramblings about American Masi bikes, I can hold
> back no longer. This web list is the ONLY place I have ever seen that does
> not consider these American Masi bikes as FAKE Masi bikes.
> I can even recall Fred Delong and Frank Berto referring to the
> American Masi bikes in less than flattering terms. As an aside, I know that
> Frank Berto is probably a persona-non-grata for stating that a $15 Suntour
> slant-parallelagram outshifted a $60 Super Record. But given the fact that
> Campy now only makes slant-parallelagram derailleurs, I have come to respect
> his opinion quite highly.
> Somewhat related are the (approx.) words I once read Tom Kellogg
> state, "Certain people will talk-up the value or quality of certain bikes
> that they just happen to own, with hopes that they will eventually cash-in
> their inventory down the road for over-inflated prices". I know somebody
> tried this with those Calborn Celo/Colnagos a couple of years back. That
> couldn't be happening in this case, could it??
> My question: Is there anybody documented OUTSIDE THIS LIST that
> actually refers to these Fake Masi bikes as worthy of the superfluous
> accolades lavished upon them by this list? Cheers,
> Dave Anderson
> Big and Clear Skies for Biking in MT
> >From: [Snip grieving widow bike repair story]
> >People value things differently... Bikes cause a problem though, as there
> >are definitely bad, unsafe and poorly operating bikes and it is a shame when
> >people acquire an affection for them...
> Not wishing to diss the master, but one man's heap of junk is another man's
> Masi. Or Summat.
> Most bikes cost more to repair than it's worth. A couple of (regular) wheels
> cost more than a 5 year old bike to replace. That doesn't make the bike
> worthless. Or junk. Or dangerous.
> There are plenty expensive bikes that are bad and unsafe: spoon brakes spring
> to mind.
> There's nothing wrong with having sentimental value for something whether you
> choose to ride it or look at it.
> There's no excuse to have a dangerous bike. Just tuppence.
> Gareth
> Cambridge
> 28 and getting hotter for the weekend.