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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 02:59:50 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]IDENTIFICATION HELP: Bianchi Allaro?

Mark- I don't know how many other replies you recieved, but here's as close an answer that my Alzheimers will permit: The Bianchi Allaro bike you refer to is probably from the late 70s to say,...early 80s. An era when Bianchi made that extra effort to ensure even their lower-end models had a touch of hand-craftmanship. Back then, I believe the Allaro was about a step or two from the very lowest end, and perhaps four or five from the top. The grouppo you describe on it, was made for an entry level racer at best. Most likely the tubing is Columbus "Tre-tubi" or some straight-gauge unmarked Columbus tubes made particularly for Bianchi. On the upside, that particular era Celeste paint color is perhaps the more "coveted" out of all the versions made since then. Another interesting feature that you may have on the bike, and that makes it a keeper--harkening back to my hand-craftmanship comment above--is to check the seat-stay tops, lower headlug, and fork-crowns for the word "Bianchi" or just the letter "B". If it is that model, its no top of the line, but still from a very classic vintage. Thats my two cents, hopefully you got your money's worth. Cheers, Dave Anderson

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> Hi, came across a nice Bianchi green bike yesterday. Italian made version w/
> Modolo, Ofmega and Campy. Steal frame well lugged and brazed but, no frame
> tubing decals. Drop-outs are Campy. What kind of tubing does this bike
> have anyway?
> Mark