Re: [CR]What is "scuttle shake?"

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Subject: Re: [CR]What is "scuttle shake?"
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 08:20:13 -0400

'Round these-here parts, we've always referred to it as "front-end shimmy" or "speed shimmy". Never heard no mention as to no "scuttle shake" before.

Aldo Ross
These-Here Parts, Ohio

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Subject: [CR]What is "scuttle shake?"

> As the title says, what is "scuttle shake"? Is that an Americanism that has
> not reached us yet. The harmonic oscillation of the front of a frame is know
> as a "speed wobble" in the UK. Sometimes as "tank slapping", but that is an
> obvious reference to motors.


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> Martin Coopland