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Agreed! This is an AUCTION-I have won many cool items uncontested after bidding low 3-6 days out lately...and stomped like a narc at a biker rally on other items I bid way crazy high! The fallacy is that some folks feel a sense of entitlement because they were the first bidder or have the highest perceived need....It's an auction fer crying out loud!! Ebay has brought out vintage bicycle trinkets of amazing happy you don't need to dig thru greasy boxes to find everything....just be prepared to pay.

Matthew "Leave it as it is" Gorski
Not so Sunny Southern California

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Subject: [CR]Ebay bidding practices

> Personally, I think extending an auction will simply result in higher prices
> being paid for items. I think sniping (interesting term by the way, the
> connotation being something underhanded, unAmerican) is simply an e-auction
> phenomenon and a legitimate bidding tool. I've been beat and I've won,
> usually by bidding higher than I think the competition can guess what the
> bid increment will be. Personally, I probably won't participate in an
> auction that is extended at the last minute. The bidding pool is simply too
> large sometimes and what was a bargain turns into an expensive used part.


> David Goerndt