[CR]Regina Oro cogs

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From: "garth libre" <rabbitman@mindspring.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 19:19:21 -0400
Subject: [CR]Regina Oro cogs

I tried to locate some cogs for my Regina Oro 7 speed, and I was unsuccessful. If you do find someone who has them, please let us all know. I really don't want to switch to another freewheel, as I have been taking very good care of this one, but when I move to the left coast next year, I will be needing cogs that are larger than my largest now, which is 19. There is something nice about older Italian things, don't you think? I wouldn't mind a romantic date with Sophia Loren, even if she is in her 60's. Garth on the right coast, Libre.