[CR]Re: Leather bar tape

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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:23:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Neill Currie" <neill1234@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: Leather bar tape

Already had 6 people ask me for the details, so here is the address and phone # (Ask for Joel, and tell him I sent you):-

Mark's Harness Shop Mark Brenneman 1089 Springs Road Springs, PA 15562 Phone: 814-662-9800 voice mail Harness mfg., Western saddles repairing, belts mfg.

I sent them a sample of Cinelli Cork ribbon, asked for 2 eight foot lengths, of honey-colored leather. It took about 2 weeks, cost $21 plus $5 shipping. Exactly as requested. They matched the feathered (skived??) edges, width, color requested etc, perfectly.

I put it on using strips of double-sided carpet tape (I know, I know.......not original<G>)used clear shoe polish, saddle soap, and Tan shoe polish on it. Looks great!! Matches/compliments my "camo" Mountain Goat very nicely!!!

Neill Currie