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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 10:47:14 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <rocklube@adnc.com>
To: Jamie Swan <jswan@optonline.net>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Masi question


Faliero never "immigrated" to CA. He was allowed to stay 6 mos. at a time on a standard visa. Mario Confente "immigrated" sort of, in that he had a "green card" to stay for certain periods. I have it on good authority that Mario (or actually the other way around, Lisa Vogt) married in order to allow Mario to stay in the US. Otherwise Mario would have had to return to Italy because he was no longer employed by an American company who needed his services.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Hi Brian,
> Yesterday I posted a NOS Masi 3V on ebay. In my description I state
> that Faliero Masi immigrated to California in the early 1970's. I just
> got an email from someone who says that is not true. Is it? Thanks,
> Jamie Swan