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This would look nice on a roof rack atop any of the various Bertone-designed cars, as long as one is not too touchy about spelling.

HMMMM A little knowledge and Italian-ish does not an expert make. Bertoni, as many of us may know, was the brainchild of Bernie Kotlier or one of his buddies while working at Univega out of the boston or Possibly Long Beach oiffices of Ben Lawee, notable Kahuna of bikes of the Era I thought these were 1987 or after, which is when we bought our few hundered or so. Both Univega and Bertoni had the drippy names from Ben and/or Bernie's brainstorms Specialissima, Competizione, Italloro, and the like Some of the better ones under the Univega marque sported full Superbe or DA and were from Miki or Miyata in Japan, and the better Bertoni's from Bianchi's Reparto Corse. These top models had Record C 180 sub-300g rims, and generous pantographing. The Ultraleggera was erither an Alan or a Vitus alumobnded frame.

We have many examples of these in the stacks, some never built.

The Italvaga line was another of Lawee's creations from an earlier period, the details of which are sketchy to me, but perhaps someone from the Left Coast might know.

Larry black