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From: "walter skrzypek" <wspokes1@hotmail.com>
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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:27:04 -0500
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Shimano Biopace chainrings were introduced to society much like the Park Pizza cutter tool. It was a great novelty and gift idea in the late 80s and early 90s. The Shimano Biopace rings are hard sought after in certain groups in america and can often be seen going for large sums on ebay. The patent was recently purchased by Bogustuff Inc. BS, as it is known, is the marketing genius of fine quality and quite expensive windchimes. It is rumored that the combining of various biopace teeth sizes (42,48,52) can produce the mellow tingling sounds that sing the song of Suntour's defeat. BS was not the first innovative company to attempt this line of Windchimes. Another unsuccessful company prior to BS failed miserably when it attempted to combine the sweet Biopace with Campagnolo rings. The research and developement soon found that campy was solely to be worshiped and used on only bicycles as a functional tool rather than a playtoy like the biopace. If you KneeD any more info on biopace chainrings, I am sure Dale has pics on his site, under the rarest category.

Walt Skrzypek
Falls Creek, Pa