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Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 01:25:49 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]Yet another mystery bike (Dayton)
From: "Bob Reid" <>
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That municipal skip of your is a veritable dumping ground for British 50's Club Machines !

A product of "The Dayton Cycle Co.Ltd. - Park Royal Road, London. No less. I need to do some more digging but most of the spec. fits the 1951 Dayton Roadmaster, and it's 15 "Star" attractions ;

* Patented Amalgam 22" frame, with road racing angles and lightweight forks. Cable eyes, pump pegs and lamp bracket brazed on.

* Good quality leather saddle with chrome under chassis ; duralimin seat pillar.

* Bare wire cable under top tube

* 18" Aluminium Pump

* G.B. Solid Forged 3" extension

* 15/16" Titan type bends, taped and stopped

* G.B. Brakes with hooded levers

* Head bearings, 5/32" balls with decagonal races and serrated washer.

* 27" h.p. wheels with Dunlop road racing tyres

* Chrome ends on forks

* Champion du Monde chromed pedals

* 46t 3-arm lightweight Continental triangular design chainwheel, with fluted cranks.

* Bottom bracket bearing enclosed in oil bath unit

* Rosa wing nuts

* Bluemels lightweight aluminium guards with reflector

Heady stuff this "club" bike advertising ! - I mean I thought Amalgam was something every dental assistant prepared ?

- Choice of four colours - Yellow, Electric Blue, Tortoise Blue, enamel finishes or Silver-Grey Lustre finish. Weight 26 lbs. Price 16 Guineas inc. PT £2.13s 11d extra for Cyclo Benelux Gear with handlebar control.

If I'm not mistaken the "amalgam" bit was Dayton's method of butt-welding the tubes together very similar to Royal-Enfields "Unitized" frames and as more recently used by Peugeot, rather than some rocket science tubing material.

If it's almost complete or only requires frame refinishing I'd keep it, original otherwise it's the perfect donor for that GB stem and brakeset.

Bob Reid