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This sounds like a late '60's or very early '70's Speciale Corsa based on the width of the rear spacing. Was there a cable stop brazed on the chain stay for the rear derailleur? That seemed to be Cinelli's first step into braze-ons. If not it was probably built sometime in the '60's. Chrome was optional on these bikes and I would not be surprised if you didn't also find some on the forkends and perhaps at the seat cluster where the pinch bolt goes. Good luck with your project!

Jim Narlesky

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> My brother bought a tandem once for $200. My first thought was, "What
> junky bike did he pick up this time?"
> I asked him what it was. "It is a Santana," he tells me. Then my mind
> starts working to imagine the worst thing that Santana ever made, and
> could not really think of anything that they made that was really bad.
> Turned out to be a very worthwhile project. With a real nice investment
> to return on fun ratio.
> Now, I have found a Cinelli that I am in the process of buying. It has to
> be 70s, maybe 60s? It has chrome on the fork lug, but no chrome anywhere
> else. Rear is spaced 120mm, headtube lugs have the three holes in them,
> and there are no top tube cable braze ons. I still have to get the guy
> that has it to move a bunch of junk to get closer to it.
> Did Cinelli ever make different models of frame in that time? Grey paint
> is rough, chrome is spotted, but I don't think pitted. Is there a way to
> tell the different models apart, if there are any, from that time?
> Steven Johnson, Chesapeake, VA
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