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Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 20:02:57 -0700
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Welcome Jon! Glad you are here!

(Note to list: Jon just rides back to Wisconsin on weekends, towing his kid in a trailer)


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I thought I'd properly introducing myself before gorging myself on the wonderful collective knowledge and appreciation of fine bicycles. I know some of you from other lists and have been on CR on and off for a few years.

My name is Jon Muellner and I live in Port Townsend, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. My lightweight road bikes include a 1980 Raleigh GS, currently a fixed gear and a 1983 Paramount that I got from Jeff Groman at Kingston Classic Cycles. I also own a few contemporary cycles including a Heron Tour and Heron Road which I find to be solid "everyman" bikes.

It's apparent that I ride more than collect, but my appreciation of vintage bikes runs from Rene Herse 650b touring bikes to mid-70s Peugeots and Motobecanes to 1950s Rudges. I look forward to eventually being able to contribute more than I take away, but that may be awhile!

For the past year or so I've spent my time randonneuring, and though surrounded by ti and carbon frames and hi-tech gear, seemed to do just fine on my Raleigh (in a geared version). My current project is to upgrade my Paramount with new wheels and some other goodies. I have a NOS Mavic 550 rear hub, 126mm. I am looking for a matching front in 32h. Anyone have one they'd part with?


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Port Townsend, Olympic Peninsula, WA
PT Bicycle Association