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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 07:17:29 -0700 (PDT)
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Rick and Dale,

That may be the case, though for at least the last two years Lance has been on OCLV climbing bikes. As Dale indicated, there is the wing-like Litespeed TT bike, but such specific examples do point out just how narrow Ti use is in the pro peloton. In response to Dale's reasonable point that pro's ride what sponsors give them, I have to agree, but with reservations. First, many of the marques currently used in the peloton do have, or have had, ti offerings. Merckx, Colnago, and Derosa come to mind. Nevertheless it seems that riders are all on aluminum and carbon, and were on steel before that. I speculate that the Euro Ti bikes were made strictly to recoup some of the (mostly U.S.) market share lost to Litespeed and Merlin, not because Ugo and Ernsesto were bit by the Ti bug or that sponsored riders requested it. I'm pretty sure that the Merckxs and the Derosas were/are actually Litespeed products and I have to wonder if many were ever sold outside the US. Also, while pro riders do use what sponsors provide, there is much give-and-take. Sponsors provide a particular brand, but the offerings of that brand are in turn shaped by rider demands. Also, there is some flexibility if a rider really wants a certain prodct, as long as it is well-disguised. Though contrary to my larger arguement Lance's choice of a Ti TT is a good example.

As for including lower echelons of racing in the meaning of "competitive cycling" I agree that this would only be fair and I agree that Ti bikes were/are more popular as you go further down the ranks. They seem most popular of all on local centuries as used by the guys and gals who bought them when Ti was in it's heyday and who may never need another bike. As for dragging triathalon or MTB racing into the definition, well I suppose that is OT, and it certainly pushes me to exhibit open-mindedness beyond my considerable limitations.

Tom "Hobbled by Bias" Dalton

--- Rick Chasteen wrote:

> Tom, et. al:
> Forgive my off topic response but didn't Lance ride
> a Trek logo Litespeed in
> some of the TDF mountain stages?
> Rick Chasteen, Kansas City
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> > I'd be interested to know if I'm wildly off the
> mark
> > here. Were there actually a lot of pros on Ti at
> one
> > (post-classic) point in history? Were these bikes
> > just dressed up to look like steel or aluminum?
> Any
> > top level teams that made extensive use of ti
> bikes?
> >
> >
> > Tom Dalton
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