Re: [CR]Where are the T-town swap meet reports?

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From: "walter skrzypek" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Where are the T-town swap meet reports?
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 08:00:59 -0400

T-Town, what can I say? It was a good time. It was my first time down there and truly a good experience. Larry O and I went halves on a vending area to get in early and it worked well. Quickly set up my piddly small amount of items while Larry quickly went scavenging for bargains early on during the set-up phase. I learned a great deal and can be better prepared for next time I attend one of these events. Anything I had classic for sale sold early on. I would like to think I made some people some nice deals. Met a great deal of names from the list to put faces with the names now. Jill and Larry B, Pete, Bob Williams (newbie to the list), Chris and Wayne, Roy Drinkwater, Marty Walsh...and no doubt a few more!?! Good time. I have to remember to bring some crappy jerseys I no longer wear, it seems I can get a good hug and a kiss from some of the women for these items and after all...they are just taking up room in the closet. The buying budget was a bit strapped for me so I didn't pick up much other than a&nbsp;newer campy record front derailleur and some campy ti cogs for $7. but I had a blast! Hope to do more of these events in the future and attend more also. ------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------ Walt Skrzypek&nbsp; in Falls Creek, PA

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&gt;OK, guys. Make me rue not having attended the swap meet at Trexlertown yesterday. Who got what for next to nothing?


&gt;I've got to do something about my daughter's school's annual fall fair falling on that date AGAIN.



&gt;Charlie Young

&gt;Only 40 minutes away from T-town in

&gt;Honeybrook, PA



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