Re: [CR]T-Town Swap Report

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From: <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 23:02:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]T-Town Swap Report

I've finally gotten around to writing this one - albeit with much soreness after wrapping myself around a post - but, thank heavens, the bike is okay!!

As usual, T-Town was quite the event, and a feeding frenzy at that. Lots of bargains to be had - no matter what your interest. And as several posters before me have said, the weather could not have been nicer. Even at one point, just to take a break, I climbed up on the high bank and sat in the sun and "people-watched" - even got some sun!

We'd come down from NY on Thursday evening to attend the Hershey event - a few bikes, but mostly acres and acres of car parts. Saw Sam, Paul and Carl, who seemed to be having good sales. Curtis was there too, but we missed him. Found a few bits there, but my son thought the highlight of the show was the lemonade truck model that I bribed him with... The Hershey Park was closed so he toured the factory and came back with rings of chocolate around his mouth!!

There really is no other way to do it, but to get in early and have a good look around before the GP arrives. So, after giving away the purchased vending space, we set off around the infield. BTW, I really do like this set-up much better than having to wander around as a captive audience around the entire circumference of the track.

Found some really good bits and pieces for "winter projects" and even took two complete bikes home - a midget Brambilla that Charlie Kuhn used as a youngster, and a modern Lemond road bike with much appeal. Also a brand new, though "vintage" Cannondale frame.

On the whole, good to see capitalism alive and well. Several enterprising folks were busy buying bargains and then rushing back to sell them at their table for 5 and 10 times what they paid. Rather mercenary indeed. One example, a $10 hub went from its original owner and was immediately placed for sale for $80. Then another tidbit that sold for $45 soon reincarnated with a $135 price tag. Can't say that sort of thing pleases me, but it seems to be fairly prevalent. All the more reason to get there early.

Another fine time indeed. For those that missed the show, I can only say - really, it's just as someone said a while back - "just a whole lot of used ski equipment"....

Amanda Graham
Copake NY