RE: [CR]NOS 1974 Bike on Ebay, Nuovo Record, 22"

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Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 21:41:08 -0700
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Subject: RE: [CR]NOS 1974 Bike on Ebay, Nuovo Record, 22"
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Almost exactly one year ago, I almost bought this bike. I live in San Francisco, and I was planning to drive down to Santa Cruz to see it in person. If it looked good, I was willing to pay his price. Before I discovered this list, I was on IBOB, and I asked some of the folks there about the Rickert. This seller had a very interesting story. It seems that the original owner was a racer, and he had a pair of twin Rickerts special ordered, one for himself, and one for his son. The one meant for his son is the one for sale. It was unused all these years because the son didn't take an interest in it. So it sat unused in a basement for 26 years. The seller bought both bikes, and rides the other one himself, but decided that the unridden should be sold.

Why didn't I buy it? Because I apparently asked one too many questions. The seller got mad at me and basically told me to buzz off. I was only trying to be a careful buyer. Not ever having heard of a Rickert, I was trying to ascertain its historical significance and learn as much about it as possible. I was actually very satisfied after I spoke to the owner of the bike shop who overhauled the bike. He was able to verify that the bike is in practically new condition. The seller's attitude left me cold. I was in no way rude or anything.

I'm very interested in how much it will eventually sell for, if it sells at all.

I figured that there's always going to be nice used bikes for sale. I figured right because shortly after that I found my Raleigh Team Replica with Campy SR for $100 less than what I was about to pay for the Rickert.

I must admit that when I saw the Rickert for sale again on Ebay, I was still attracted to it.

That's the story.


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1974 unused cond. professional road bike Item # 1016508126 This Reichert, if unridden both frame & parts is worth much more than the bidding, but then, there is also a reserve. I don't understand the "complete overhaul including bearings" for an unridden bike. Perhaps that meant repacking 27 year old grease. Have any of the listmembers seen this bike in Santa Cruz, CA? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL