Re: [CR]Masi Gran Criterium ?

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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:53:25 -0700
From: "Jim Allen" <>
Cc: Keith Kessel <>,
Subject: Re: [CR]Masi Gran Criterium ?
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Brian comments regarding the numbering system are correct.

I think that the last digit was probably covered with paint making it unreadable. That would make it an '81.

Unfortunately, my database doesn't go that far back, so I can't say for certain....

As e-Richie said, the crown used was a Cinelli Model "MC", not one of the older sandcast box style crowns.

Later, Jim

Brian Baylis wrote:
> Keith,
> The ser.# of that frame as listed is not correct. First, the "A", "B",
> "C", "D" indicate the four quarters of the year. The next two numbers
> should be the year. Either there is a 7 before the eight which would
> make the frame B7810 or there is another number after the "0" which
> would make it B810?. Regardless, the first two numbers are the year. The
> last two numbers will be the actual number of the frame built during
> that quarter indicated by the letter. So it becomes important what
> numbers are actually present. Jim Allen would know for sure if that
> number is a variation of the system I have explained, since he did them.
> If the frame id B7810 then the frame was probably built by Ted
> Kirkbride. If it is B810? then yes it could be a Dave AND Brenda Moulton
> built frame. Brenda and Dave worked together so there is no such thing
> as a Brenda built frame. Without a close look at the details of this
> frame I would guess this is B7810. Someone needs to ask.
> Hope this helps.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
>> any comments about the serial # on this bike. It appears to be a 1981 San
>> Marcos Masi during the days of Dave Moulton. According to the info on the CR
>> website it might have been built by Moulton's wife! I emailed the owner who
>> said he bought it second hand from the orig. owner.
>> Keith Kessel
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>>> Subject: Re: [CR]Masi Gran Criterium ?
>>> Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 11:53:27 -0700
>>> Mark,
>>> Richie is correct, it's just a name. Couldn't tell you how or why they
>>> came up with that one for that bike, but it has always been a misnomer
>>> and has probably been the source of much "confusion" of frame geometry.
>>> In my opinion it could easily have gone the way of Medici, when they
>>> introduced the "Gran Tourisimo" to their line back in the mid 70's.
>>> Maybe all the good names were taken ;-).
>>> Brian Baylis
>>> I've got a couple of Masi "Gran Illusions" myself. The "Special" is more
>>> approiately named.
>>>> I have a question for those Masi aficionados. This Masi on ebay is a
>>> Gran
>>>> Criterium. If my memory serves me correctly, and it hasn't done well in
>>>> recent years, the Gran Criterium had Criterium geometry and this one
>>> appears
>>>> to have more of a European road geometry. Would love to understand the
>>> Masi
>>>> geometry differences.
>>>> Mark, in sunny, cool and some patches of snow left WV, Poore