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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 22:47:51 +0900

I think this is the Universal 77 . I cannot find it in 1976 catalogue but find in 1980 . Maybe 1977 was the year of introduction. I am a little disappointed to know that the Universal had to copy Campagnolo,too.
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Subject: [CR]Universal levers


Does anyone know the date of Larry Black's Windsor Pro that was just posted on the CR Windsor page? I'm interested in the Universal brakes, what model are they? Because of the Columbus transfer, is the frame an early 70's or late 60's model? Looking at the rear NR der. it looks to be post '78 or maybe this was just a component upgrade. I've seen the levers on one other bike, Linda Martinez's Cinelli on the CR Cinelli page. Just trying to pinpoint the date and model of those Universal levers and brake set. Thanks!

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