Re: [CR]ebay PX 10 / guitars and bicycles and cameras

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Subject: Re: [CR]ebay PX 10 / guitars and bicycles and cameras
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:29:10 -0700

I think the real question is HOW does this new high water mark for vintage bikes affect the value of the bikes in our collection.

Heck, the white Confente offered on Ebay over the summer probably sold (off auction) for less than 7100.

And, if there were a 2nd bike available like this, would the market be able to absorb it at anywhere near this price ?

Everybody now wants to know, what is my near mint "_____" worth?

I guess the problem is... that it is'nt a "perfect" (in the economic sense) marketplace, so price benchmarks are erratic. The good news is, that for stuff that is real appealing to a buyer, prices are remarkably immune to "general economic conditions" AND buyers do not appear to be price sensitive.

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