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I think that he is starting to paint again. His ISP rolled up the carpet some time ago and I think that he recently relocated to Berks County. He wasn't painting much for awhile and was working an external job. He indicated in a telephone conversation some time last year that he intended to set up a shop at his new residence. I can check with the LBS and see if I can get contact info for him and find out if he has reeestablished.

Further bulletins as events warrant...

Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA

> Hi, >> I tried all the numbers there were in the index but none works

I hope they surface Years ago i took my entire decal collection of 40 years and turned it over to Brian so he could make colpes or use any of the rare ones. There were many irreplaceables in there from all over the world. This was a large-ish box, not a mere envelope.

The object was that I'd get some of the copies as my in-kind reward

Larry Black